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I am committed to navigating the complex paths of health and well-being alongside you. My Personalized Health Advisory Plan caters to individuals facing metabolic challenges such as PCOS, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, insulin resistance, and the nuanced stages of pre/post-menopause.


But my dedication extends beyond individual health challenges. Recognizing the unique demands on corporate executives, business owners, working parents, and active individuals, I introduce my tailored solution: The Executive Health Program. This program is a meticulous blend of comprehensive, confidential, and bespoke health strategies designed to fit into the bustling life of a professional.


By integrating holistic, complementary, and functional practices, I aim to address immediate health concerns while paving the way for a lasting, vibrant future. My mission is to energize your body and sharpen your mind, propelling you towards peak performance in all areas of life.


 Embrace a Future of Empowered Health. Discover the transformative potential of our Personalized Health Advisory Plan and the Executive Health Program. Let us partner in your journey to optimal well-being.

Your Health, My Expertise. Welcome to Adam Tristan Coaching

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Welcome to a health approach that extends beyond the typical. I focus on a holistic view, looking into the detailed workings of biology, metabolism, and neurology. It’s about more than just fitness; it’s about unlocking and nurturing your body’s specific needs and potential.


 I lead with a concept I have developed over my 20 year career I call Functional Metabolic Intervention. This approach transcends regular health coaching, offering a deep dive into your body's functions to provide a plan that’s as unique as you are. By understanding how your body systems interact, I create sustainable, effective health solutions tailored to your personal needs.


I cater to individuals facing complex weight loss challenges, including those with conditions like PCOS, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances like pre or post-menopause. I am particularly focused on those experiencing symptoms such as foggy brain, unexplained weight fluctuations, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, and memory impairment – those who feel persistently unwell without clear reasons.


Moreover, I understand the unique demands of busy professionals, executives, and parents striving to maintain health amidst hectic schedules. For you, enhanced health translates into increased productivity, clearer decision-making, and greater professional and personal success. This understanding is the backbone of my "Executive Wellness" program, designed to optimize your metabolic health, enabling significant improvements not only in your physical condition but also in your overall life performance.


Let’s collaborate to elevate your health and performance. With me, you receive more than coaching; you gain a partner in navigating your health journey, offering a comprehensive, evidence-based strategy tailored to your individual needs. Let’s build a plan that not only targets your health challenges but also fits into your busy lifestyle, paving the way for a healthier, more vibrant you.

Elite Metabolic Transformation Package

  • Bespoke Nutritional Strategy: Tailored nutrition plans designed to optimize your metabolic health, crafted by experts based on your unique physiological profile.

  • Customized Lifestyle Redesign: Personalized lifestyle recommendations to enhance your daily routine, ensuring peak mental and physical performance.

  • Precision Movement Regimen: Custom workouts crafted to fit your schedule, fitness level, and performance goals, ensuring optimal health and longevity.

  • Advanced Sleep Optimization Protocols: Evidence-based strategies to improve sleep quality, crucial for cognitive function and overall health.

  • Strategic Stress Mastery: Personalized techniques and tools to mitigate stress, enhancing resilience and executive decision-making capabilities.

  • Regular Virtual Progress Reviews: Bi-weekly or monthly virtual check-ins to assess progress and make necessary adjustments to your plan.

  • Exclusive Member Content: Access to cutting-edge research, webinars, and articles tailored to the needs of high-performing professionals.

  • In-depth Health Analytics: Comprehensive bloodwork analysis to uncover deep insights into your health (additional cost for bloodwork panel).

Lifestyle and Nutrition Mastery Program

  • Personalized Nutrition Guidance: Custom plans designed to align with your health objectives and dietary preferences.

  • Lifestyle Enhancement Plan: Strategies tailored to improve your daily habits, boosting both mental and physical health.

  • Sleep Enhancement Techniques: Customized advice to maximize the restorative power of sleep, essential for high-stake decision-making.

  • Stress Reduction Blueprint: Techniques to effectively manage and reduce stress, keeping you focused and efficient.

  • Continuous Virtual Support: Regular virtual meetings to monitor your progress and adapt strategies as needed.

  • Exclusive Insights Access: Unlock premium content designed for executives, including the latest in nutrition and wellness research.

  • Detailed Health Metrics Analysis: Option to include comprehensive bloodwork to track and optimize your health metrics (additional cost for bloo panels)



Schedule a Consultation:





                                     Enroll in my programs tailored just for you you. Discover how a personalized approach to health can transform your performance at the top level.

Executive Health Consultation 


Schedule Your Complimentary Executive Strategy Session


Secure a slot for a 60-minute, no-cost strategy session tailored for executives. It’s simple to book, accessible, and your first step towards redefining wellness and performance. Choose a time that fits into your demanding schedule effortlessly.

Experience a Comprehensive Health and Performance Audit

During your personalized session, we will conduct an in-depth review of your unique health profile. Together, we will analyze your blood panels to decode insights into your metabolic health. We'll also examine your daily routines, lifestyle choices, and behavioral patterns to understand their impact on your current health and how they align with your ambitious goals.


Customize Your Path to Peak Performance


Based on a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives, select from bespoke programs meticulously designed to integrate smoothly into your executive lifestyle. This crucial choice is made clear and straightforward, with guidance to ensure that the strategy enhances your performance without disrupting your professional commitments.

This approach underscores the personalized and high-stakes nature of the service, positioning it as a strategic investment in personal performance and leadership effectiveness.

Getting Started Is EASY!

Client Success

Witness the incredible journeys of individuals just like you who have embraced my programs and experienced remarkable transformations. From shedding unwanted pounds to conquering metabolic diseases, our clients' before-and-after pictures tell stories of dedication, perseverance, and triumphant success. These visual testimonials serve as a powerful reminder that with the right guidance, daily effort, and participation, achieving your health goals is not only possible but also truly transformative. Join our community today and let your own remarkable journey begin!

You got questions? Things you want to learn?  Things you don't quite understand?


Hit me with them questions, I want to answer em!

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