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Ask Adam | Ep. 4 - "Do we need rest days?"

What is going on guys? And welcome to episode #4 of Ask Adam.

All right, so this week I got a cool question:

"How do we take rest days? Are they important? Do we need them? How often should we have them?"

Well, let's contextually define what the ๐…๐”*๐Š a rest day is.

Does that mean you're sitting there doing nothing? For most people it does, and the reason for that isn't because they don't understand what a rest day is.

It's because they're not doing anything like going to the gym to apply more stress to their life, on average. People are getting three to six thousand steps a day, which isn't very much when we need 10,000 a day or more.

So a rest day for most people looks like sitting on the couch and doing nothing. Now, what a rest day should be, is just applying stress in a DIFFERENT fashion.

So if you go to the gym and you're applying more stress to your body, over the course of an hour, four to six days a week you can still go and apply stress in a different manner. If you're running, you can lift, if you're lifting, you can work on mobility, you can work on flexibility, you can work on balance.

There are a lot of things that you can work on and apply a different sort of stress to your body without Just doing nothing at all.

Do you need rest days?


How often should you take them?

It's going to depend on how hard you're pushing ๐Ÿฅต yourself.

When you fill your body, is getting a little bit too beat up. Switch it up a little bit. Apply stress, a different way. Gotta keep it fun too! If we're always applying stress in different ways we're always adapting our bodies, always growing!

I hope this helps out. Make sure you get those Ask Adam questions in!

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