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Ask Adam | Ep.2 - What Helps Metabolic Function More, the Sauna or a Cold Bath?

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What is going on, guys? Welcome to another episode of Ask Adam! So the question I got today was, "What is going to help my metabolic function more? Sitting in a sauna 🥵 or taking cold baths?" 🥶

And this is a really simple answer, it's going to be both. (B.O.F.E) And the reason why it's going to be both is because your body is really responding in those times the same way it's responding when you're going to the gym. So when you go to the gym you go there and you lift 🏋🏼 weights are you do things at an intensity you typically don't do throughout your regular day and when you do that, your body sends a stress 😡 response, that's press response is going to be accepted and it's we are going to now adapt to that stress response. And then we rinse 🚿 and repeat, rinse 🚿 , and repeat, rinse and repeat they, after day 🌞 until we get a better stress response from that. Well, when we're sitting in that hot sauna or we're sitting in that cold 🛁 tub, we're having those same stressful responses. We're also having those same adaptive responses and that's a good 👍 thing because because we want to be able to be plastic per say, we want to be able to have a stress response, both ways that's just as adaptive. We don't want to be more one way or the other. So doing both of those are going to inherently improve your immune 🧬 system. It's going to improve metabolic 🧠🫁🫀 function. Now if you're asking in the moment right, acutely, which one of those are may be burning more fat for you, well, sitting in the sauna is going to burn the less fat and the For that is because under extreme bouts of heat like that, your heart rate is going to increase when your heart rate increases, you're going to start producing adrenaline hormones. And then when that happens, your body specifically calling on more carbohydrates substrates to fuel the body. So you're more so running on carbs and fats as opposed to, when you're sitting in a cold tub, your heart rate is getting pushed down because of that and you have oxygen after you stop hyperventilating for a minute. So, once you start having that oxygen, your body is in a state where it's going. To utilize fat, a lot better than when you're an extreme hot. So, if you really want to die, sit down in a way that probably doesn't mean a whole whole lot. Unless you're, you know, sitting in that sauna everyday, hoping to burn fat, look do them both. They're both going to help out immune response. They're both going to help out your metabolic function and really is just going to make you healthier all around, guys. I hope this helps out!

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