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Ask Adam | Ep.3 - What Are the Best Exercises for Bigger Legs?

What is going on guys? And welcome to episode 3 of Ask Adam.

Check it out this week I got a question about the best leg exercise to perform in the gym. Now that's this is a big question, right? Because contextually depends what you're trying to do. You trying to get bigger muscles? Are you trying to jump higher, or are you trying to rehab something?

So this this question can really go a lot of ways. So I'm going to answer in a way that's,

"How do I grow bigger muscles in my legs?"

And a that's definitely exercise choice and be. It's going to be the way in which you do that sh*t!!. So my first choice would definitely be something along the lines of lunges and or 90° step-ups, both. These movements are going to be heavy on all muscles of the legs, and they're really going to focus on the glutes which right now who's not trying to get a bigger ass? Everybody is so I would focus on that!

The second thing I'm going to focus on is the way in which I do the exercise. One thing that I've learned from my mentors cadence, so the way in which you do it, do it at a cadence. Do it in a way that's going to constantly, rob it of oxygen. The way in which you do that, imagine doing reps as if you were a grandfather clock . There's constant movement. There's no break in between each individual rep until you are done with that whole set, trying to steal as much oxygen from that. Area of muscles possible. Break it down as much as possible. Create as much metabolic stress as possible. It's muscular tension, which ultimately is going to create a whole shitload of muscular damage, and that's the name of the game guys!

I hope this helps out!

Let me know if you have more questions.

Put them in the DAMN comments or anonymously submit them at:

I hope you guys have a great day.

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