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Ask Adam - Ep. 6 - "Do genetics play a role in gaining muscle or losing fat?"

What is going on, guys? And welcome to another episode of Ask Adam.

All right, the question I got today was,

"Do genetics play a role and whether or not somebody can make progress, whether it be losing fat or gaining muscle in the gym?"

Long story short is, it's a big reason why somebody can or can't. Our relationships and our biology are made from the time we're in the womb. Our mom's biology is going to make a difference on our biology later on in life. Our parents biology as we grow up will make a difference on our biology. It will make It harder, and/or easier to gain muscle, lose fat, or any of those things.

I mean, think about it. Biology states whether you can grow a good beard. Biology states what color your eyes are. Biology states whether or not you're going to have hair in your head. How could biology also not state how good you are at utilizing carbs or the decisions you make on food? How could It not state how well you can mobilize fat, utilize fat, how much muscle you can create?

All these things are created by biology from day one. So keep that in mind.

Your genetics play a massive, massive role in your ability.

Your genetics are the loaded gun.

Your behaviors are what squeeze the trigger.

So just because your genetics may not be in line, it doesn't mean that learning better behaviors won't help you. It won't hurt to move the needle into a healthier place for you guys.

I hope this helps out! I want to hear more about these.

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