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Ask Adam - Ep 7 - "What is the best supplement I can take to help with fat loss and health?"

What is going on guys? And welcome to another episode of Ask Adam.

The question I got today was,

"Other than protein, what is the best supplement to utilize? Trying to lose fat or gain muscle or get healthier?"

I think, first, we need to talk about what a supplement is.

A supplement is just not going to be something exogenous that we can take from the outside and add it to the inside like a protein or a fat burner or something like that.

We have to think a little bit more on categorically. A supplement is going to be anything that we are adding to our current daily routine that's going to add positive change to whatever we're doing.

So what supplement would I recommend?

The most underrated supplement that people have at their disposal is sleep. Sleep is going to dictate the entire next day for you.

If you don't get enough sleep:

  • your memory is shot.

  • Your ability to work is shot.

  • Your cortisol levels and your ability to manage stress are going to be shot.

  • The ability for you to manage hunger, cravings is going to be out the door.

  • The ability for your body to tell your brain that you have enough fat is going to start slowing down, especially if you become chronic sleep deprivation.

  • Your ability to make decisions, good decisions, is going to significantly drop, all because of sleep.

This means, not only is this going to affect your ability to drop fat, it's going to daily affect your biology, your physiology, and at some point it's going to affect your livelihood.

So the most underrated supplement out there is: SLEEP

Make sure you're getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Studies show that 6.5 hours or less of sleep on a daily basis is going to give the same cognitive ability as somebody who is legally 0.08% drunk. Now, 6.5 hours may seem like a C grade, but a lot closer to an F. So we need to be shooting for 7 hours of sleep.

And that's my recommendation guys!

I hope this helps out. Drop them comments!

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