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Ask Adam | Ep. 12 - Why is intermittent fasting at night important?

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

What's goin on guys, welcome to another Ask Adam!

This is a good one,

"Why is fasting at night important What times do you start and stop fasting?"

This is kind of like a pretty specific one. So fasting at night is going to be related to sleep. When you go to sleep, your body is trying to lower your internal temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. If you eat really close to bedtime, or if you wake up to eat, what's happening is you're essentially just starting your metabolism.

Your body will get hotter, it's gonna interrupt your sleep, you're going to fragment and really just disrupt your sleep when it comes to just fasting at night, specifically.

There's other metabolic reasons that fasting at night helps out, but it's not a reason that we should be fasting.

"When should you start fasting?"

That's going to be more relative to how much sleep you get. So you should probably be fasting or getting six and a half to eight hours of sleep every night. That fast is mostly just because you're trying to sleep also. So you just don't want to eat while you're sleeping or close to bedtime. Otherwise, you end up just ruining that sleep.

If you ruin your sleep, you end up ruining any kind of chances of body and brain recovery.

Hope this helps guys! Got more questions? Hit me with em, below!

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