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Adam Tristan's
90 Challenge

🌟 Adam Tristan's Total Transform90 Challenge: Unleash Your Potential! 🌟

Are you tired of the endless cycle of diets and workouts that promise the world but deliver disappointment? If you're seeking a transformative journey that not only addresses your physical goals but also understands your unique struggles and desires, then the Total Transform90 Challenge is your answer!


Challenge Starts: March 4th, 2024  Challenge Ends: June 1st, 2024


🚀 Why Choose Total Transform90?

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Throughout the 90 days, your progress will be closely monitored via your wearable tech (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, WHOOP strap). With 4-5 personalized workouts weekly (using dumbbells or barbells), video instructions, and a built-in messaging system, you'll have constant guidance and support.



💡 Nutrition Tailored for You: Follow the custom 5-day food plan or switch out foods to keep it interesting. No stress, just results! While wearables are recommended, they're not essential.

For the Gentlemen:  

Muscle Tissue Growth: Achieve more muscle mass for a stronger, healthier you.  

Longevity and Health: Attain better longevity and overall health.  

Neurological Harmony: Regain control over your neurology and well-being.  

Educational Experience: Learn how your body works and responds to different stimuli.

For the Ladies: Body, Mind, and Biology Transformation: Burn fat, increase muscle metabolism, and cultivate lifelong habits for a healthier, more vibrant you.  

Versatile Workouts: Choose between gym sessions or at-home workouts with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.  

Educational Resources: Gain insights from the "7 Weeks to a Better Biology" eBook, video lessons, and daily habits to enhance your overall metabolic function.

What's Included for Both Programs:

-Daily Workouts




-Custom Food Plans













-Weekly Virtual Check-ins









-24/7 Messaging Access to Adam Tristan Coaching











-Access to eBooks and Recipes for Delicious Variety


🏆 Challenge Rules: Participants will be evaluated based on before and after pictures uploaded within 3 days of the challenge's start and end.

The 1st place winner will receive 3 months of custom programming by A.T.C., a $250.00 cash prize, and a $150.00 gift card to Premiere TRT.

Winners MUST complete the full 90 days.

PRICE: $50.00 per month (March, April, May.) 

-Paid in full available by request.

-You can reserve your spot by clicking the link below and paying at any time prior to the start date (march 4th).

-Every plan will start and be available on March 4th. 


1st place: 3 months Custom Coaching from Adam Tristan Coaching ($500.00 value), $150.00 Gift Card to Premiere TRT (, $250.00 Cash

Don't miss this chance to transform your body, mind, and life! Click the link to embark on a 90-day journey that's tailored to your unique needs and guided by the expertise of Adam Tristan Coaching. Let's make your transformation story the next success! 💪

Men's gym program
Woman's at home program
Woman's gym 
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